Five Things You Should Do The Night Before You Move

Posted on: 16 October 2017


If you're like most people who are going to be moving soon, you're experiencing a combination of dread and anticipation. Even if the move is for positive reasons, such as a great job promotion or finally having the chance to move to a part of the country where you've always dreamed of living, the act of moving involves significant stress for most people. Here's what you can do on the night before the move to make the process go as smoothly as possible 

Make Sure Your Appliances Are Good to Go 

Make sure you've turned the water heater off, for instance, and unplug any household appliances that you may be leaving behind for the next homeowner to use. If you are taking large household appliances with you, make sure they're good to go -- for instance, if you haven't yet defrosted your refrigerator, be sure to get it done on your last night. If you have to do a last-minute defrosting job, be sure to dry the inside of your refrigerator or freezer out thoroughly after the ice has all melted.

Make Sure Your Packing Boxes Are in Good Order

Keep in mind that whatever goes into the moving van first will be coming out last when you get to your new home. Place the items that you want to unpack at the back of the line for when the movers load the van to ensure they'll be the first to be unloaded.

Make Sure Everyone's Personal Bag Is in Order

Everyone should have a personal bag containing daily grooming items, clothing and sleepwear, a supply of any necessary medication, and any books or games to pass the time while en route to your destination. If there is room, let each child pack a favorite toy in his or her bag. 

Make Sure Your Paperwork Is in Order

Make sure that you've got vital documents such as birth certificates for every member of your family. If you're a custodial parent, have paperwork on hand that proves that you have custody of any child or children to avoid any possible problems along the way. You will also need this documentation when enrolling the children in their new school. Do a last minute check to make sure that you've got your drivers' licence, proof of car insurance, and health insurance cards as well.

Besides the ID and car insurance cards that you keep in your wallet, keep all other paperwork together and place them in a safe place in the vehicle in which you will be traveling. Never place these documents in a moving van -- you won't have access to them in the event that it's necessary to produce them at some point along the way to your new home. If you'll be traveling with pets, keep their veterinary records with your other important documents. 

It's also important to double check on whether or not you have filled out and dropped off a change of address card at your local U.S. Post Office. 

Go Out to Dinner With the Family

Many families schedule a going-away party for the night before the big move, but this is almost always a poor idea. Parties of this nature tend to run late, and you and your family need to start moving day as rested and refreshed as possible. Having your party the night before the last night in your old place frees you up for enjoying a quiet dinner with your family at your favorite local restaurant. Go early so that you can leave early and make sure that everyone gets a good night's sleep. 

For more moving tips, check out sites like and talk to a local moving company.