Moving? A Few Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit

Posted on: 26 October 2017


If you are going to be moving your home in the next few months, you have probably started going through your belongings and perhaps even packing them. If you haven't, it is probably time to start doing so unless you will be hiring a company to do it all for you. However, regardless of who will be doing the work, you should consider renting a storage unit. Here are a few reasons this is a good idea:


If you are doing all the packing yourself, things are going to get disorganized in the house with all the boxes sitting around. When the time comes to load and move the boxes to your new place you will have a mess on your hand mess on your hands. People will have gone through the boxes to find things, and you won't be sure which room the boxes need to go to at the new place. However, if you take packed boxes to a storage unit, they will not be gone through and you can stack them according to the room they belong in. This way, when it comes time to take them to your new house, you can load them according to room and make the unpacking easier.


When you hire a company to do the moving, there might be things you do not want them to have access to, and there will be things they will not carry. Important documents, jewelry, works or art, or personal items you wish to remain private will need to be placed out of the way when the movers come. A good way to ensure their security is in a storage unit. You can pack these items up and move them a day or so before the movers are expected so you aren't worried about them on the big day.


Whether you hire a company to do the move for you or you plan on doing it yourself, you are probably going to be doing the unpacking of boxes yourself. If all the boxes are just unloaded into the house, it can make unpacking and arranging everything difficult at best. However, if you have at least a portion of the boxes stored someplace, you will have room to arrange all the furniture and then start opening boxes and putting things away. You should be able to fit a couple of boxes in your vehicle to bring to the house as you have a chance and need to unpack them.

A storage unit is a good way to help keep your move as smooth as possible. The reduction in stress will be worth the rental cost. Every bit of stress reduction will be a good thing as the moving day gets closer and closer.