Moving A Loved One With Disabilities: 3 Strategies For Planning A Safe Move

Posted on: 8 November 2017


Moving to a new residence is often stressful, and people living with disabilities often encounter additional challenges that may affect their safety. While your loved one wants to be involved in their big move, you also have concerns about how safe they will be during the process. Fortunately, you can help them achieve their goal of helping out without compromising their safety by adding these strategies to the moving plans.

Recruit Help With Packing and Lifting

Before you call long distance movers for an estimate, spend some time with your loved one assessing their belongings to find out what must be moved. In some cases, you may be able to simplify the move by donating heavy furniture or large items that are no longer needed. Then, arrange for professionals to come in and help your loved one pack and lift the heavier boxes that may pose a safety risk for them to handle alone.

Practice Proper Medication Management

When your loved one's mind is preoccupied with the move, they may easily lose track of important parts of their daily routine. Help them make sure to take their medication on time by setting up a schedule that includes alarms. Whether you use an automated medication dispenser or add an alarm to their phone, this will help them to stay on top of their health even when they are busy with handling tasks such as setting up the utilities at their new home.

Plan Safe Ways for Them to Help

With so much to do, your loved one will likely not want to sit idly by. Fortunately, there are many ways for your loved one to help while the long distance movers are working on handling their belongings. Help your loved one to create a checklist of tasks that need to be completed that do not involve heavy lifting. For instance, they can design the layout for how they want their furniture set up in each room, or they can make phone calls to ensure that services such as cable and internet are already set up when they arrive at the new residence.

The next few weeks are certainly going to be busy, and your loved one deserves to remain independent as they begin to plan their move. By knowing how to help them watch out for their health while staying involved, you can ensure that your loved one's big move goes smoothly.