Tips For Preparing Your Home Prior To Packing A Full-Service Moving Company

Posted on: 16 April 2018


Whether your family is moving across town or across the country, a full-service moving company will make the process a whole lot easier. However, since there are some things the moving company's staff cannot do for you, it is important you prepare for their arrival. If you have never used a moving company before, these tips will help you prepare for the big day:

Preparation Tip: Remove All Items that Your Moving Company will Not Move

As soon as you hire a moving company, get a list from them of all of their "prohibited from moving" items. Often, moving companies will not transport things like household chemicals or houseplants. Go through their list and remove all of these items from your house. This will keep you from dealing with them on moving day when you are pressed for time.

Preparation Tip: Remove Your Valuable Items Prior to the Moving Day

If you have valuable items and important papers that you would rather no be handled by strangers, then you should pack and remove them from your home before your moving day. If you do not have access yet to your new home, smaller items can be placed in the trunk of your car or in a bank's safety deposit box for safe keeping. If you have larger items such as artwork that you fear becoming damaged, you should temporarily store them with a friend, relative, or in a self-storage unit.

Preparation Tip: Arrange for Someone to Watch Your Household Pets Offsite When the Movers Arrive

When the movers arrive to pack up your home and load their trucks, they will need free rein of your entire house and yards to complete their job. The movers also need to be able to come and go through open doors. For these reasons, you need to arrange for someone offsite to watch your pets. If you do not have a friend or relative who can watch them for you, then board them at your vet until the move is completed.

Preparation Tip: Set Aside Any Items You Need to Clean Your Home Once Empty

Finally, if you will be cleaning your home yourself after you move out, then you will need your cleaning tools and supplies. To ensure these items aren't packed by the movers and then lost in a sea of boxes, set aside any cleaning products you will need as well as your broom, mop, and vacuum cleaner. If you are worried about them being packed by accident, place them in your car for safe keeping.

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