Three Items You Must Pack When Moving To Hollywood, CA

Posted on: 23 July 2018


Striking it big and becoming famous may be hard, but it has to happen to someone. If you want to try your hand at becoming the next big 'thing' you can move to Hollywood to give it a shot. Living in California has its perks, aside from rubbing shoulders with the biggest stars. The weather, beaches, and the major amusement parks mean that there is always something to do. All it takes to try your hand is to pack up and move your home to sunny California. If you are not sure what to bring in order to facilitate your big break, here are three items to remember during your household moving process to Hollywood, California. 

A clothing rack

A long clothing rack will be useful for anyone that is interested in moving to Hollywood. Many affordable apartments in Los Angeles are older. These old apartments will often have limited closet space. Since you will likely need a large wardrobe to take with you on your auditions, a clothing rack will give you space to keep your clothing. If you are a budding fashion designer, a rack will also be necessary for you to take on fittings and to pitch your clothing line to those looking for designs for shows and films. Make sure the clothing rack is slim and straight so that it can fit against the wall. 

A bed and couch mixture

Unless you are moving to Hollywood with a good job or already on the rise as a star, you will likely have to settle for less space. Most people who move to Los Angeles are moving from areas that are lower in the cost of living. To make your cost of living lower, it is common to take a small apartment. With a sofa bed or a daybed that turns into a full-size bed at night, you will be able to have all of the comforts of your old home in Hollywood city. 

Plenty of glasses

Parties and shindigs of all kind are common in the Los Angeles area. Even when at home, you may find yourself hosting celebration parties for a friend who scored a major role or a showing of a major awards show on your big screen television. You will want to have the appropriate types of glasses including champagne flutes, liquor glasses, and even decanters for your good whiskey. Have your household movers carefully pack up your glassware so that it survives the trip from your hometown.