3 Challenges Of Moving A Hot Tub Without Professional Help

Posted on: 26 September 2019


Your hot tub has served as your heated oasis for private relaxing, and now that you are moving, there is no way you want to leave it behind. While you may be able to move most things in your home with a little muscle strength and some creative thinking, hot tubs may not be something you want to move without professional assistance. Thankfully, hot tub moving services can help you out. Here is a look at some of the reasons why moving a hot tub by yourself is often a challenge.

Hot tubs are far easier to damage than what you might expect. 

Just one wrong move or tap against a wall or piece of wood and you can knock an ugly crack or hole into the hot tub. The truth is, hot tubs are far easier to damage than what you may think. Many tubs are made out of fiberglass, which can make them a little lighter weight than something made out of metal, but it can also mean the material is easier to crack or damage. Professional movers take the time to wrap up the hot tub in protective layers before it is ever moved so it is rightfully protected. 

Hot tubs are large and hard to transport. 

If you do not own a large flatbed truck and a forklift, it is going to be super difficult to actually transport the hot tub. Even the smallest versions are usually wider than a standard truck bed or trailer can hold safely and securely, unless the tub is tilted or set up on its side, which can be dangerous to haul. Hot tub moving services have all of the necessary equipment to make transporting the tub safely to your new location. 

Hot tubs have to be tilted upward in order to get through the house. 

Hot tubs inside the house are far harder to move than a hot tub outside the house because the tub has to be inverted up on its side in order to fit through doorways and halls. Standing the tub on its side poses its own challenges because the unit is so heavy and cumbersome. Some hot tubs don't even have a rectangular shape that gives it a stable side to stand on after it is stood up, which means the tub has to be picked up and stabilized by hand until you get it outdoors. 

Contact a profession hot tub moving service to avoid these problems during your move.